It feels like summer here in San Diego. Brighten up this winter with some copper highlights or lowlights! Bring out the natural tones in your eyes and skin with pieces of copper around your face. Most of us have flecks of color in our eyes that sometimes can’t be seen. Rich coppers and golden tones can make eyes shine, pick up light reflection and even bring out colors in our eyes we didn’t even know we’re there. Add some copper highlights or lowlights from now until March 1st and get $15 off your appointment.









July 2013 promotions

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Get ready for summer with the new Nano Complex. The only truly formaldehyde free Keratin smoothing treatment backed by the Occupational Heath and Safety Administration. Enjoy $30 off the Nano Complex and a complimentary dry haircut after the smoothing treatment during the month of July 2013. A savings of $95. Or refer a new client for a color or keratin treatment in July and get 50% off your next service.

Nano Complex prices
short hair $200
medium length at shoulders $250
long hair $300

Text me your address if you would like me to mail you some referral cards for July. I build my clientele on referrals so I love to give back. If you refer one client in July you will get 50% off your next appointment, if you refer 5 clients in July you will get 50% off your next 5 appointments. There is no limit.
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Nano Complex effectively works on retexturizing the natural chemical hair structure by safely softening the disulfide bonds in each hair cuticle and not by breaking them. Because the active ingredient in the Sleek Hair Straightening System is a derivative of keratin amino acids; it will actively restore, repair, recondition and safely soften the disulfide bonds of your hair. The results will always provide beautiful sleek, bouncy, shiny and frizz-free hair! Your hair will really look and feel repaired, because it will actually be in much better condition after the service. Nothing toxic is involved in the making of thisSleek Hair Straightening Formula.

Hair cuticle before Nano Complex. You can see it is rough and splitting due to its natural texture, color and styling damage.

The hair cuticle after the Nano Complex. Smooth and laying down.

we just got in a new line of products and I am in love. Kevin Murphy from Australia. All natural no harsh chemicals. They really work and I love them as much as Oribe. The best part is they are half the price as Oribe.
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Reviews from the owner of Chick Advisor and Salon Tonic’s Yelp page

Recommended? You Betcha!

My overall rating
By:Ali de Bold
On:Mar 27, 2008
2 out of 2 chicks found this useful
Ali de Bold has 896 reviews

I was visiting San Diego for a few days and decided to test out a local hair salon. I felt very brave doing this as my hair is extremely important to me and I am very careful who gets to touch it. I was in desperate need of some highlights to mask my premature grays (ugh!) and also in need of a haircut. I settled on Salon Tonic and at the front desk’s recommendation, Berge (pronounced Bir-j) was my stylist. Typically in Toronto you have a separate stylist for the cut and color but here it was one person. I was nervous about this, but in the end she did a great job of both.

When I first arrived at the salon, they gave me a glass of wine. Nice touch! Though I was quite early I didn’t have to wait. Berge listened carefully to my requests and delivered exactly what I wanted. I was especially impressed with her coloring job. It’s not easy to touch up existing highlights without getting a line between the old and the new. She blended it perfectly. The cut is also quite good. I love what she did at the front. The back required a bit more blending, which she happily did for me no problem. Overall I am very pleased with the results. The scalp and neck massage during the shampoo was amazing. I can honestly say this is the most relaxing hair appointment I have ever had.

The salon is nicely decorated and airy. It was very quiet and when I arrived there were only 2 other clients even though my appointment was for 2:30. Half of the clients during my visit were men! For the price, I expected thumping music, a really busy environment and a little snobbery but instead it was a very laid back feel.

The final tally was $190 tip (eek!) but that included highlights, root touch up, toner and the cut and blow dry. It is more than I pay in Toronto and the results were the same, but the experience was fantastic. Next time I am in San Diego I will definitely book another appointment here with Berge.

I highly recommend this salon to anyone picky about her hair, willing to pay for perfection.

1532 India Street (in the heart of Little Italy)

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I was visiting form out of town and desperately needed some hair help. I booked an appt. 2 hrs in advance with Berge. I really like the cut and it has held up nicely. I will definitely make an appt. with Berge when I am back in town.

2 friends
15 reviews
Tish L.
San Diego, CA

So this Review is all about my Dear Dear Berge!!!! I Heart Her major.

So about 2 1/2 years ago I was on a hunt to get rid of my virgin hair when I was suggested Salon Tonic. So I walked in and said I wante dmy hair virginty taken right then, I was told Berge does awesome color so thus my journey with Berge began.

She did red all over high lights and blowed dried straight my then ultra curly ultra long hair. It looked so amazing I was in Ahhh. Bleach never touched my hair and the red was so me. Berge gives the best scalp and neck massages too. I have found that in san diego it is very important to find a hair stylist you can trust and I fully trust Berge. Now Two and half years later I go to her sit in her chair and say I want something different and I always walk away feeling like the sexiest version of myself possible. She takes her time and is ver friendly. As a child I always dreamed about those girls who woudl go to the salon and gossip while they got their haircuts and i can totally do that with Berge. She always remebers me and the person who works next to her remembers my mom who I took there once over a year ago for a mother daughter day. My mom begs me to take her back which I will soon because my mom is getting remarried. It is a little on the expensive side but well worth every cent spent to have your hair done by someone who listens and learns about her clients so no matter what you ask for you always love your hair cut.

Berge even permantly straighten my hair and brought me into the 21st century!!


Berge is getting married in May so everyone give here congrats 🙂

0 friends
7 reviews
carson h.
San Diego, CA

I have been going to Salon Tonic for both cut and color for approximately 4 years now. Berge’ is so good i would fly from Scottsdale to get my hair done in San Diego. I did this for 3 of the past four years, as this is the salon my fiance also uses. She is amazing at what she does and i love my hair no matter what different techniques or colors we may use. Also, the products they carry are top notch, Oribe especially. No matter how i start off feeling when i get to my appointment, whether i am completely bored of my hair or need a color or cut desperately, Berge leaves me feeling 1000% better than i did when i walked in. Also, I plan on using Salon Tonic for my wedding as well.

9 friends
38 reviews
Mary E.
San Diego, CA

I switched to Salon Tonic a few months ago and love it. Berge is meticulous with cuts and does a fabulous job with color. (My Yelp photo is not her work.) She’s the first stylist to “get” my weird cowlicks, etc., and I have a cut and color that is super easy to maintain and get loads of compliments. Plus she has a sweet, low-key personality, makes for a relaxing experience. worth every penny!

32 friends
28 reviews
Janell M.
Los Angeles, CA

Last Friday (Good Friday!) I was intermittently yelping and satisfying a deadline in the office. On a it’s-Friday-gotta-love-life-I’m-in-sunny-­California whim, I decided I wanted to pamper myself and get a haircut. It had been awhile since my last trim, and the first hints of Spring made me wanna dance and sing and why-the-hell-not take off a few inches!!!!

So I yelped ‘hair salons’ and came across stellar reviews for Tonic which is conveniently located up the hill from office land. (!!!)

I called and the ever so cheerful receptionist could fit me in for a 5 pm appointment! YAHOOie! Nothing better than starting the weekend with a shift of the ordinary—even if that change is something as simple and as ‘superficial’ as your hair. . . mind, body, spirit, man. . . mind, body, spirit. . . when I am lookin’ good, I am feelin’ good, etc etc etc. . .

When I arrived I was given the option of imbibing with wine or beer. Hair cut? Happy hour? What more could I want? Massage?!

Yep. Yep. Got that too. An amazing hair wash with water temperature that was guaged at perfection. My stylist, Berge, (dammit i cannot do accents on this!!!!) would rub my neck as she was cleansing my scalp. . .

***** due to
1: Stylist was there and ready for me when I walked in the door. We both had a Friday night to attend to eventually.
2: Beverage offering. The ultimo chill-out. Drinking where one would not normally drink traditionally (ie, the hair salon for me) causes me to reach the tipsy point at an alarming rate. Kinda like the-i-get-drunk-in-front-of-my-co-workers-faster-­than-when-i-am-with-my-friends-phenomenon.
3: Berge took me to her ‘station’ and gave me a consultation long before my hair even touch the agua. She took her time to touch my hair, show me different length options, get to know what she was working with, as well as inform me of what she felt was best. It was obvious she was there because of her skill.
4: Products are top-notch Bumble & Bumble. You can FEEL them working.
5: Ambiance! Bamboo dividers. Other stylists. Open space. All worked very well. Seamless.

My haircut was the best!!!!!! I ever had. Berge took her time styling it and drying it with a rounded brush—-showing me how to achieve the look on my own———-impossible!!!—-I can never do for myself what Salon Tonic can do for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

151 friends
91 reviews
James B.
San Diego, CA

I’ve been a client of Berge for about 3 years, and she is the best colorist and stylist! I’ve never known her to have a bad day. Her service and technique are consistently spot on. The moment you walk in the door, she greets you with a smile and makes sure you’re comfortable. All that you need to do is tell her exactly what you want and she makes your vision come alive.

One of my favorite parts of the experience is having my head washed/massaged and massaged again. The message is what gets ya! She practically puts you to sleep with her hands and when it’s time to walk to her station, you’re in a relaxed fog.

Salon Tonic does a great job of making you feel right at ease when you walk in. They offer you beer, wine, or water and never push products on you. They simply showcase them on your hair.

If you’re ever in the LIttle Italy area in San Diego, stop in and they’ll take care of you.

0 friends
10 reviews
L S.
San Diego, CA

I’ve been going to Bergee at salon tonic for years! She’s incredibly talented, professional and very sweet. She really listens to you and most the amazing thing is that she remembers your likes/dislikes when it comes to hair. That is very valuable in my opinion. A hairdresser that respects your wants but also give great feed back. I come out with a great haircut and, as a plus my wavy hair grows out amazingly. Very chic salon without the pretentious vibe. Everyone there seems pretty cool. Reminds me of a few places in NYC. Nice decor and top of the line hair products.

0 friends
1 review
sarah v.
San Diego, CA

Berge is the bomb! I recently moved here from Las Vegas and have had one bad color job after another. I brought in pictures and left with the most perfect blond hair and perfect sexy layers. Salon Tonic is the third salon I have been to in S.D. As long as I live here I will never let anyone else touch my color and cut.

Also they have beer and wine and the front desk was really friendly. Not stuck up like the last place I tried. Berge sent me out with some amazing new products from Oribe the smell wonderful.

Bottom line for this review is dont waste your time or $ and go see Berge at Salon Tonic.

0 friends
4 reviews
Lauren P.
San Diego, CA

The setting is great and they make you feel welcome and comfortable.

Berge is the stylist i’ve been going to. I was very surprised that she handled my asian hair well. The best part is the hair rinse and Berge’s head massage. My boyfriend now goes to her also.

The esthetician is great as well. Very sweet and does a great job with my eye brows. Very clean.